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Double Monk Strap Opanka

Double Monk Strap Opanka

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The Double Monk Strap Opanka is not for everyone. 

Craftsmanship at its finest! 

The Goodyear welt construction is dramatically continued to the side of the shoe, showing the world best shoe construction "Goodyear with Opanka".

  • Italian premium full-grain calfskin leather upper
  • Patina burnished by hand 
  • Calf leather lining
  • Goodyear construction with Opanka welt on the side
  • Hand painted outsole and heel nailing

Contact us at to have it custom made for you.  

How we do it:

  1. The Scan – First we will scan your feet with our 3d scanner. Measuring is not art, there is no space for interpretation.
  2. The Fitting - After 30 days from the scan is the first fitting. We will adjust every part of the unfinished shoe to your posture and to your walking need. We make the fitting with the stitching of the shoe unfinished as the shoe must be completed with the ergonomics of your unique movements.
  3. The Shoes - After 30 days from your first fitting is your second fitting when your custom shoes will be ready. With your unique last ready you can now order any color and how many pairs you want!

Our No BS Policy:

*** We promise that we love what we do and we follow perfection even if perfection is always changing. That is why all our shoes are guaranteed for life.

We believe that making a custom shoe is like painting. If at the second fitting your shoes are not perfect don’t worry, we will continue to modify them for your as per your needs until they will be.  ***